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December 31, 2006

Warner Bros Preview 2007: One Missed Call
Supernatural thriller starring Ed Burns and Shannyn Sossamon.
Warner Bros Preview 2007: The Invasion
One of two 2007 films featuring both Kidman and Craig.
Warner Bros Preview 2007: No Reservations
Starring the still-beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones.

December 30, 2006

Worst Films of 2006
Get these out of the way before we move on to the best films of 2006.

December 29, 2006

Warner Bros Preview 2007: License to Wed
A comedy with Robin Williams is no longer a guarantee.
Indiana Jones IV Coming May 2008!
George Lucas confirms filming will begin early 2007.
Chuck Liddell Sponsors 300
A cross promotion with the UFC.

December 28, 2006

Warner Bros Preview 2007: Spring Breakdown
Upcoming girlie comedy featuring some SNL favs.
Warner Bros Preview 2007: TMNT
Official synopsis and a ton of stills appear online.

December 27, 2006

Warner Bros Preview 2007: Music and Lyrics
Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy? Who would've guessed!

December 26, 2006

Guillermo Del Toro Talks Tarzan
And how he'd love to ravage Jane.
Sam Raimi Gives New Spider-Man 3 Details!
While talking with Premiere.
Casino Royale Sets New Bond Record
Bond shoots past worldwide record, though was only aiming for Die Another Day.

December 22, 2006

Hidden Message in Transformers Teaser!
A top-secret site with film-related info!
New Line Previews The Golden Compass
Then they remembered it comes out holiday 2007. Ohhhhhh.

December 21, 2006

Hear Optimus Prime Speak!
A different version of the trailer exists!

December 19, 2006

Paramount Preview 2007: Hot Rod
First stills featuring the always-funny Andy Samberg and insanely-cute Isla Fisher.
DreamWorks Preview 2007: Disturbia
Shia LaBeouf and Carrie-Anne Moss experience cabin fever.
Paramount Preview 2007: Shooter
First stills of Mark Wahlberg behind one big rifle.
DreamWorks Preview 2007: Bee Movie
New still and updated synopsis.
Lionsgate Scoops Crowe's Tenderness
Studio purchased rights to indie thriller.
Dimension to Adapt a Madman
Robert Rodriguez will produce the comic to film.

December 18, 2006

Home of the Brave Poster Contest
Win yourself an official copy, starting right meow.
Inconvenient Truth Free for Teachers
To help teach the youth early... already sounds shady.
Franco Talks Spider-Man 3 Action
And the possibility of more films.

December 17, 2006

The Pursuit of Happyness Takes Box Office
Helped push Sony Pictures to record gross for the year.

December 15, 2006

Jessica Biel on Golden Globe Nominations
She had to announce the full Borat title.
Warner Bros Says Meet Tarzan
Studio looking to bring character back to the bigscreen.

December 14, 2006

Matthew Perry Talks About the Golden Globe Nominations
Actor was one of three celebrities announcing the noms.
Michael Bay Talks Transformers Teaser
What can we expect? Epic sounds nice.
Paramount Scores 15 Nominations
Babel and Dreamgirls multiple nominations helped.
Philip Berk on the Golden Globe Nominations
Hollywood Foreign Press Association president hosted this morning's announcement.
Alpha Dog Alive and Well
This time it was the judge that gave the greenlight.

December 13, 2006

Dead Man's Chest Sells Millions
10.5 million copies in a single week to be exact.
Dimension Sends Out Storm Warning
Has acquired the horror for North American release.
Lionsgate Picks Up Oldman in The Backwoods
What he was doing there we cannot say.
Roberts to Make Another Film about Happiness
Adaptation of Lolly Winston's bestselling novel.

December 12, 2006

George Miller Talks Mad Max 4
Drill the director on who will replace Mel Gibson.
Transformers Trailer Next Week!
Official teaser to appear online on...

December 11, 2006

My Name is Krater
Jason Lee to star and produce upcoming comedy.
Niiice! Borat Wins in Court
Racist bigots just can't win.
Besson to Unretire for Invisibles Sequel
If it happens, animation will be his calling.
Maguire Talks Spider-Man 3 Symbiote
He refers to it as "goo", which is fitting.
Letters from Iwo Jima Voted Best Picture
L.A. critics are sold on Eastwood's second installment.
Raimi and Columbia Switch Into The Shadow
A new franchise to fill their time.

December 10, 2006

Holiday Gift Guide: 12-Inch Faramir
Have the son of Denethor kick it on your desk.

December 7, 2006

Spike Lee a Riot
But there is nothing funny about it.

December 6, 2006

Clooney and Grisham Team Up
What can we say, he has got the magic touch. (follow up)
Weinstein Teams with Cherry Lane Music
Multi-year music publishing deal.
Abrams to Direct Star Trek XI!
We had a feeling, but now it's confirmed.
Factory Girl National Poster Contest
Create the best poster for The Weinstein Company and win.
Margot Kidder Praises The Donner Cut
Actress resented replacement of Donner by Richard Lester.
Clooney an Innocent Man
Clooney and Heslov solely producing Grisham tome at this point.

December 5, 2006

Olyphant a Hitman!
Probably the coolest casting switch by Fox.
Die Hard 4 Teaser this Week?
It looks like Fox may have been trying to surprise us.

December 4, 2006

Blood Diamond's Amputee Scandal
The producers of the film set the record straight.

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