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September 27, 2007

Jamie Foxx on The Kingdom
He leads another ensemble cast in the political thriller.

September 26, 2007

Jason Bateman on The Kingdom
Political thriller lets him be dramatic.

September 25, 2007

Jennifer Garner on The Kingdom
We've seen the actress fight... a lot.

September 24, 2007

Peter Berg on The Kingdom
Director would like audiences to focus on the entertainment.

September 22, 2007

Eddie Vedder on Into the Wild
Outspoken musician provided the film's score.

September 20, 2007

Emile Hirsch on Into the Wild
He experienced the benefits of such a journey without the tragic ending.
Jessica Alba Talks Good Luck Chuck
She has braved so many action-packed roles, that this one left her injury free.

September 19, 2007

Sean Penn Takes Us Into the Wild
This is his fourth effort behind the camera.

September 17, 2007

Dane Cook on Good Luck Chuck
The film is inspired by his childhood comedies.
Charlize Theron Journeys In the Valley of Elah
She plays the only female detective in a police precinct.

September 13, 2007

Seann William Scott on Mr. Woodcock
He doesn't get to be his usual funny jerk.
Tommy Lee Jones on In the Valley of Elah
He helped throw acting advice to Iraq war veteran McLaughlin.

September 12, 2007

Susan Sarandon on In the Valley of Elah
She will play a small role in the film.

September 11, 2007

Billy Bob Thornton is Mr. Woodcock
Thornton likes to Sling Blade all his gigs.
Paul Haggis Roaming In the Valley of Elah
Director picks a tough topic after his Best Picture Oscar.

September 10, 2007

Russell Crowe on 3:10 to Yuma
Crowe is known for intensive preparation for his roles.

September 8, 2007

Ben Foster on 3:10 to Yuma
He plays Charlie Prince, a cold-blooded killer.

September 6, 2007

Paul Giamatti Comes Packin' to Discuss Shoot 'Em Up
Film finally places the actor in the thick of the action.
Christian Bales Takes the 3:10 to Yuma
Playing a cowboy in desert heat was nothing.

September 5, 2007

Monica Bellucci Talks Shoot 'Em Up
She can make any role classy.
Peter Fonda on 3:10 to Yuma
He had issues with the weather on set.

September 4, 2007

Michael Davis Dodges Bullets for Shoot 'Em Up
Director explains that he is an action superfreak.
Sheri Moon Zombie Talks Halloween
She plays Deborah Myers, an exotic dancer.
James Mangold's Classic 3:10 to Yuma
Director discusses how the film is a real Western.

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