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May 28, 2009

Alison Lohman on Drag Me to Hell
She's like a female Bruce Campbell, but hotter.
Shawn Wayans on Dance Flick
The Wayans family gives credit where credit is due.

May 27, 2009

Lorna Raver on Drag Me to Hell
She plays the gypsy instigator.
Marlon Wayans on Dance Flick
He is proud of the dance-offs.

May 26, 2009

Sam Raimi on Drag Me to Hell
Expect him to use some of that Evil Dead formula.
Damien Wayans on Dance Flick
The next generation makes his directorial debut.
Ben Stiller on Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The sequel makes Museum his second franchise.

May 20, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard on Terminator Salvation
The next two weeks may be tense in the Howard family.

May 19, 2009

Anton Yelchin on Terminator Salvation
Meet the young Kyle Reese.

May 18, 2009

McG on Terminator Salvation
The director's got a distinct style.

May 13, 2009

Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek
He gave a blessing to the film by reprising his role.

May 12, 2009

Anton Yelchin on Star Trek
It's a big month for the actor.

May 9, 2009

Zoe Saldana on Star Trek
Uhura has a relationship with an unlikely character.

May 8, 2009

Zachary Quinto on Star Trek
Meet young Spock.

May 7, 2009

Eric Bana on Star Trek
He plays the Romulan villain.

May 6, 2009

Chris Pine on Star Trek
Meet the younger James T. Kirk.

May 5, 2009

J.J. Abrams on Star Trek
He has faced every minute fan question.

May 4, 2009

John Cho on Star Trek
He plays young Sulu.

May 3, 2009

Ryan Reynolds on X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Deadpool makes his first movie appearance.

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