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Justice League Titled American Heroes?

Published December 11, 2007 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Justice League Justice League

Though I'm unsure on why we just can't call the adaptation of Justice League of America Justice League, it would seem that George Miller has another title in time. One a bit more, what's the word, patriotic.

American Heroes

According to a scoop sent over to AICN, Justice League will be titled American Heroes:

Last week at the AFI's George Miller mentioned that JUSTICE LEAGUE will have a new title soon.

We may have it already.

Christian Bale was on Nova (FM) today in an interview (pre-recorded I assume) for "Yuma" and said he has "nothing to do with AMERICAN HEROES, and their Batman will be different to our Batman".

I don't know, sounds as if the title would be offensive to audiences overseas. If Warner Bros. was willing to pull 'and the American Way' from Superman Returns, I can't imagine this title being given the greenlight. Maybe the film will be titled French Heroes in France and Brit Heroes in England.

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Ryan Parsons
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