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Enchanted Again

Published December 2, 2007 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Walt Disney Pictures.
Enchanted Poster Enchanted
Though Awake entered theaters nipping for the #1 spot, it was Disney's Enchanted that remained on top during a craptastic weekend at the box office.

Enchanted Holds Strong at Number One

With an additional $17 million this post-Thanksgiving weekend, Enchanted brings its domestic cume to $70.6 million in its first 12 days.

Awake, this weekend's only wide release, opened to lackluster numbers with $6 million. The film took the number four spot.

Sony's This Christmas held strong ($8.4 million) for the number two spot while Beowulf and its 3D twin brother remained in third with $7.9 million.

Though Awake might be considered a disappointment -- especially considering that it featured a cast consisting of Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba and Terrence Howard -- The Weinstein Company is more than happy with the numbers. According to the studio, the film only cost $8.6 million to make. Taking into account international pre-sales, Awake has already earned its money back.

Disney thanks strong word of mouth for their box office success of Enchanted. Having watched the trailers, I have to admit that the film does look like a lot of fun.

While Disney is feeling good, the rest of Hollywood continues to watch a sluggish box office. Numbers over the weekend were down 10% over last year, which had both Happy Feet and Casino Royale playing in theaters.

New Line has become nervous over The Golden Compass. With $180 million in production costs on the line, the film still isn't tracking is strongly as the studio would like. To help garner some more attention, The Golden Compass snuck onto 873 screens Saturday. The theaters reported 85% attendance.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Walt Disney Pictures.

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