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The Sarah Silverman Scoop

Published November 30, 2007 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman
While our favorite talent is angry at Hollywood over some additional skrilla, it seems like they are more than open to talking to those passing by. Take 'Samson' for instance. According to him, Sarah Silverman has admitted to a couple new projects coming her way.

Silverman: Another Futurama and Night at the Museum Sequel

Went down to the picket line today, near Olive, and met Sarah Silverman. She was AWESOME. And a real nice looking lady. She told me that when "all this craziness is over" she's got some PR duties to fulfill for a new "Futurama" movie and then she might be starting work on a new movie with Ben Stiller that's a "sequel to a HUGE film he did last year". I guess that's "Night at the Museum"?

Keep fighting the good fight!

I've already put a couple feelers out there to see where this information is coming from, but haven't heard back on any of them just yet. So, for now, definitely consider this info only as a rumor.

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Ryan Parsons
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