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The Best of the Colbert Report

Published November 28, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Best of the Colbert Report Best of the Colbert Report
I am obsessed with Stephen Colbert. I set my DVR to record The Colbert Report and I don't miss a single one. Even if it's a month later, I still watch it because I don't want to miss anything funny he says. Of course, you can't put every episode out on a DVD. However, somebody's selection of the best bits has to pass my test.

DVD Review: Best of the Colbert Report

Certainly "truthiness" is a good start. That's the one that started it all. The green screen challenge is a good one too. The fans really carried that one all the way and Stephen went with it. They've got Barry Manilaw in there, Steagle Cobeagle the Eagle, O'Reilly and Jane Fonda. I can't really argue with that.

Five "Better Know a Districts" includes D.C. which is surely a classic with Eleanor Norton throwing it back at Stephen. There's even a deleted scene, though nothing as outrageous as what made it on the air.

There's only one Threatdown and only two The Words. Was there not room for a massive compilation on a DVD?

Unless it's buried within some of those other segments, the one glaring omission I can see is Filliam H. Muffman. This was a perfect running gag, particularly because it broke him the first time he said it. Perhaps in Volume 2. Everyone write in to Colbert Nation and demand their Filliam H. Muffman!

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Fred Topel
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