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Enchanted Magical at the Box Office

Published November 25, 2007 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Walt Disney Pictures.
Enchanted Poster Enchanted
Though not the type of fantasy fanboys usually celebrate, Enchanted used the genre and its family audiences to charm the box office during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Enchanted Conjures a Box Office Hit

Talk about a lot of skrilla! Taking advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend, Enchanted was able to conjure up an estimated $50 million during its opening bow. The film has become the second-best Thanksgiving opener right behind Toy Story 2.

Enchanted wasn't the only film to take advantage of moviegoers looking for something a little less violent or political. Sony's This Christmas came in at number two, with a surprising $27 million from a minimal 1,858 theaters.

Though there weren't any tentpole films, the Thanksgiving box office was able to match up to last year's, which presented both Casino Royale and Happy Feet. Somewhere Hollywood execs are wiping their brows right now.

Not everybody was looking for family-oriented tales, leaving Beowulf and Hitman to fight it out. Though not on fresh legs, Beowulf was able to hold onto the third spot with $23.3 million -- thanks in part to its use of the 3D medium. The popular vidgame adaptation, Hitman, faired well considering the reviews. Though not the greatest three-day, Olyphant's actioner took in $21 million over the five-day frame.

While feeling action, moviegoers weren't exactly looking for horror over the holidays. Stephen King's The Mist barely dodged embarrassment by earning $13 million over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Swinging the other way, August Rush might have been too inspirational for moviegoers. Enjoying its opening bow, the Highmore starrer came in at number 7 with $13.3 million.

With Enchanted, Disney now has another reason to boast, as the studio lays claim to the top five Thanksgiving openers of all time. Toy Story 2 earned $80.1 million; Enchanted followed suit with $50 million; A Bug's Life comes in third with $47.7 million; a different kind of genre entirely, Unbreakable raked in $46 million; followed by 101 Dalmatians, which closes out the pack with $45 million.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Walt Disney Pictures.

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