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Made of Honor Trailer

Published November 20, 2007 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures.
Made of Honor Poster Made of Honor
Made of Honor is going to be one of those few films where I actually want to see the title character lose. Sure, Patrick Dempsey might be all popular nowadays, but how can he stand up to Rome's Kevin McKidd.

Made of Honor Trailer

Made of Honor has Patrick Dempsey playing a guy who agrees to the role of Made of Honor during his lady friend's wedding. What the lady friend (Monaghan) doesn't know is that he only agreed in order to win her back.

What I didn't know is that Patrick Dempsey would have to be winning Monaghan back from Kevin McKidd. The same McKidd that followed Mark Antony down to Egypt and killed countless Romans and non-Romans during his day.

Besides McKidd, the film looks a bit too fruity for my taste. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised McKidd was so willing to do a project as she-targeted as this. Lucius Vorenus!

Made of Honor opens to theaters on May 2nd, 2008.

For more movie info, go to the Made of Honor Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures.

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