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Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy

Published November 19, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Patrick Dempsey Patrick Dempsey
Fans of serial dramas are waiting to see how long the WGA strike keeps their favorite shows off the air. So far, new episodes are still airing, but once air dates catch up with the strike deadline, shows will go on a forced hiatus. Patrick Dempsey detailed what that would mean for Grey's Anatomy.

Dempsey Updates Us on Grey's

"We’ve only done 11, so we’re halfway through our season," said Dempsey. "We are probably going to finish out this next episode the next week or so, and that will give us 11 shows for this season, and that could be it for the year. It’s tragic I think, not necessarily for us, the actors, but I think the crew and people in town are going to be hit hard by this if it continues for too long."

And especially too bad because things were finally starting to look up again on the set. "[The mood is] much better. I think now basically people are really wanting the storylines to more forward a little faster than they are and I think Shonda’s really finding her way balancing out the two shows, and really we find her to be much more receptive this season, certainly in the middle part of the season where she’s looking for more feedback and collaboration from people than she had in the past."

The end of episode 11 might give some sense of a season's end, only coincidentally. "It’s interesting how it timed out. I’m really happy with where my character is at. There definitely will be a cliffhanger. You’re going to want to know what’s going to happen."

Even Dempsey thinks the demand is for Meredith and McDreamy to finally get together. "I think we’ve become really stagnant in the relationship. I’m tired of going back and forth and playing the same bead over and over and I think that’s been the biggest conversation we’ve had. It’s like we need to move forward with the dynamic between the two of them. And also I’d just like to see something else happen."

Of course, all the union deals have to be worked out before anything can continue. "I think it’s always dangerous when you have a strike. I remember the strike in ’88 and it’s damaging financially to the state and to everybody involved, and certainly to the supporting business around this industry are going to get hit. The people that are living paycheck to paycheck with families, it’s going to be devastating for them. It’s tragic and the real problem is like how do you define the new technology? How do you know where that’s going to go? Everybody deserves a piece of the pie. I just hope that greed doesn’t get in the way. But it’s Hollywood, so who knows."

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