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John Langley on Jail

Published November 11, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
Cops Cops

Cops can only do so much to stop criminals. Once they are arrested, they enter the system. Now Cops creator John Langley will follow the criminals further into their legal journey with his new series Jail.

John Langley Goes to Jail

"After Cops comes Jail," said Langley. "Jail is what happens after arrest and before trial. Meaning that almost anybody can go to jail. 15 million people roughly each year in America go to jail, are arrested and go to jail. Some are there for petty crimes, some are there for traffic violations that warrants were issued and some are there for murder. Some are there because they're Paris Hilton and some are there because they're Michael Vick or O.J. Simpson. There are a lot of reasons for people to go to jail. A lot of people do go to jail and Jail focuses on what happens when you get there."

Since it is confined to the cell, one might think there would be less opportunity for excitement in Jail than on Cops. ""Well, you would be surprised. A lot of people enter jail and they're jacked up on drugs or they're drunk and they're belligerent and they're combative. They fight with the corrections officers. That happens all the time. Other things that happen are just human interest stories. Star crossed, we call them bar crossed lovers, where two people are arrested, a couple. You get other people who are arrested for shooting guns in the air and they're belligerent. You've got people who are funny drunks, that are humorous. They're very entertaining despite the fact that they're high as a kite. You get all types, all kinds."

Langley even has some firsthand experience on the subject. "I've been to jail. I was arrested once many years ago for parking ticket warrants. I had no idea I hadn't paid them, didn't pay attention and I went to jail. They don't do that nowadays. It has to be a moving violation but it's an unpleasant experience."

Now that he's done Cops and Jail, what's next, Parole? "Well, let's see, we've got Cops, Jail, maybe we'll go to the court system and do Defenders or Prosecutors or both.

Jail airs Tuesdays on MynetworkTV.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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