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Strike Stops 24 Clock

Published November 7, 2007 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
24 24 Day 7
First LOST and now this. Another big series has come under fire thanks to the WGA Strike.

24 Day 7 On Hold

The ticking clock has stopped ticking for this seventh season of 24. No writers mean no moles in CTU, no stupid mistakes, and no more scenes of Jack beating all odds and saving the day.

At least, for now.

Fox has announced that 24 will be delayed until they can guarantee an uninterrupted season. Here here! Though the news is worse than having to see Nina Myers again in Season 3, it is nice to know that Fox won't be feeding us extended holidays, breaks and whatever euphemisms they have for repeats.

"The viewers have told us that this is a show that needs to be digested with minimal, if any, interruptions," said Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman.

Though big, 24 is just one of many big er, adjustments Fox has begun pulling in order to respond to the WGA Strike. Unlike the film studios, the television networks were not stocked up with material.

"We've got a plan to keep Fox vibrant right through May sweep and beyond," Beckman said. "We had to make some tough decisions quickly for a variety of reasons."

If 24 can't get a start by late spring, Fox will have to call it a loss on the year and shift Day 7 into the 2008-2009 season.

In order to fill the slot left open, Fox will move Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles up to 9PM, a day after the show's premiere January 13th.

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Ryan Parsons
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