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Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock

Published November 6, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Jane Krakowski Jane Krakowski
30 Rock has gone musical this year. Flashbacks show Jenna (Jane Krakowski) performing on stage in Mystic Pizza: The Musical and she tried to do a roller dance with her added pizza weight. We only ever see snippets of The Girlie Show within 30 Rock or any other side projects of the characters, so Krakowski has a short time to establish Jenna.

Jane Krakowski Sings 30 Rock

"I kind of love that because whatever The Girlie Show is is an out there kind of program," said Krakowski. "I also think the pressure is a little bit off of me because Jenna from day one got sort of downgraded. She was the star of The Girlie Show and got downgraded for Tracy’s character to come in. So I think it lets her off the hook a little bit. It’s sort of the mocking and the making fun of all of our characters on the show is great fun for me."

A veteran stage performer herself, doing a comedy number on 30 Rock is an entirely different discipline. "In the theater you have to make your day work out so you have all your energy and are ready to go fully to perform at 8 pm. And I really thrive on that discipline. I love it. With this kind of deal, you do wait around a bit longer and you have to be ready to go right when they’re ready to film and call you. It doesn’t feel like there’s that much down time here at 30 Rock and everyone here is so hilarious that it’s so fun to be here when we’re here."

Considering the schedule of television, that atmosphere helps keep Krakowski's energy up when she's called upon to perform. "I’m always up on set, because that’s where all the hilarity is happening, even if you’re not filming or in that scene, so it’s really good fun. And the material that we get to do here is fast and furious and fun. So if Jenna is going to do a song on the show it’s probably written the day before at midnight by Jeff, who writes all of our music. You have to record it that morning and then you’re going to film it that day. So everything happens quite fast. For us, I think the hours go by really fast. It’s fast and furious."

Even coming back from an entire summer hiatus, the Mystic Pizza number was true to 30 Rock form. "It showed up at the very last second. They built the set that day and we just sort of popped it out. I really enjoy it. It’s really fun and especially when they show Jenna’s musical side. I enjoy doing all of those scenes. That one in particular I found hilarious, because the show really rides that fine line of the people that are involved and the real world of NBC and our fictional world. I kind of love that blurry line through it all, because I do a lot of musicals and they are making a lot of musicals of movies from that time period. I thought it was just spot on."

30 Rock airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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