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Rockin' Out With Guitar Hero III

Published November 5, 2007 in Console Games
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
After hearing all the negative buzz about the latest Guitar Hero release for PS2 I decided to skip out on Guitar Hero III and continue to wait for next month's Rock Band. But the curiosity finally took hold, and I immediately rushed out to buy the latest installment of Guitar Hero, Legends of Rock.

The venues are new, but do you care? The real magic comes right down to the games tracklist, which is incredible.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

If the tracklist included Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot" I would have called it perfect -- but it's still incredibly close. The game's makers must have figured that fans of the franchise would have been practiced up from Guitar Hero II, and they were right.

The songs in Guitar Hero III are trickier, faster and come packaged with a bunch more hammer-ons and lift-offs. That's what those are called, right? Either way, I now know why RedOctane felt it necessary to make the buttons a bit more noticeable. I wasn't digging it at first, but then I understood; they were necessary.

Songs include "Black Magic Woman", "Knights of Cydonia", "Welcome to the Jungle", "My Name is Jonas", "Paint It, Black", "Bulls on Parade" and tons of other hits. Unlike Guitar Hero III, all the songs don't have that garage band quality. The sound quality is top notch and matches up well to your ability with the guitar. In short, don't f*@k up.

As I said, the songs are harder, but they aren't stupid. While Guitar Hero II had some songs that featured segments that were insanely ridiculous, practice makes perfect in Guitar Hero III. No matter how hard, at least you figure you'd be able to beat the same track sooner or later.

I have been playing the game on 'Expert', have almost five stars on everything, and am currently struggling through the game's last venue. Yeah, I'm that good.

Guitar Hero III took everything that made Guitar Hero II great, didn't exactly update them all that much, but gave us better tracks to jam to.

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Ryan Parsons
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