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Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season on DVD

Published October 29, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season
I'm always going to watch the Scrubs DVDs to see more kooky fantasy stuff that got deleted. I don't really need to see how they choreographed the musical episode. I trust they got it. I do like that the third tier characters get their own featurette, each actor getting to say a juicy tidbit.

DVD Review: Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season

Season six presents some great omissions. There's an extended Cox rant, a vision of Keith surviving locked in his room, a dog fantasy that seems silly until The Todd runs by and then it starts to pay off, some extra Todd high fives, a sick and complex torture idea of the Janitors and a pregnant sex joke are my favorites.

There is a racial car joke that's beneath Scrubs and some redundant J.D. girlie backstory and other supporting neuroses, but those gems make it all worthwhile.

Alternate lines are along the same lines, so to speak. They really only work building in context of all the lines that came before. On their own they would not be so impressive. But standouts are seeing Neil Flynn crack, hearing all the birth metaphors, seeing Zach Braff coach a cracking costar, references to '80s TV shows and Jewish cuisine and some others.

Again, the unicorn masturbation is a little too easy, but at the end of a long day, it probably seemed funnier.

Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season hits shelves on October 30th.

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Fred Topel
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