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Jericho - The First Season on DVD

Published October 22, 2007 in DVD News
By Chris Corpus | Image property of respective holders.
Jericho - The First Season Jericho - The First Season
Jericho is one of those shows that most people either love or hate. Once axed by CBS, a large uprising of protest by die-hard fans convinced network executives to bring the show back for another season. This DVD is a tribute to those fans.

DVD Review: Jericho - The First Season

Admittedly, I’m one of those that just shrugged when I heard Jericho was canceled. I loved the premise of the show: what happens when a nuclear attack on the U.S. really happens? It’s one of those ideas of destruction and chaos that seem believable after September 11th and Hurricane Katrina. But I got lost in the extremely saccharine overtones of the show.

It’s designed to be a show about family, friends, and strangers (I guess that covers just about everyone) in a small town in Kansas when the bombs are dropped. It’s not an apocalyptic constant battle with weapons that keep getting deadlier. It’s a story of the people who are trying to make sense of the world, right after it came crashing down around them. The idea is good, the delivery was a little weak.

Similar to other serial primetime dramas (cough cough, Lost, cough cough), there are many characters with very big secrets and stories that are difficult for them to explain. The show does a good job covering all the character’s storylines, without allowing the audience to forget anyone or get bogged down in too much information. Thing is, sometimes they hold back too much information and we’re forced to watch the actors try to emote about things they probably haven’t been given a full story about. What does this mean? Really sappy scenes with driven emotional orchestra music behind them. REALLY sappy.

But get away from those scenes and the story begins to move again. The more we learn about each character, the more questions there are to ask. Good stuff for serial dramas!

Again though, this DVD is not made for me and the other casual viewers, this is for the die-hard fans. Brush up on your Morse Code, because there are scores of messages hidden throughout the DVD set. Don’t forget that each episode has it’s own Morse Code clue hidden in the opening credits as well.

The special features go deeper into how the show began. It includes interviews with the cast, how the set was built (more interesting than it sounds), auditions tapes of the cast, and plenty of clues about hidden secrets within the show.

Die-hard fans, pick up this DVD, you won’t be upset. Everyone else, let’s give the show another chance, it’s got a lot of potential. Catch up on Season 1 and stay tuned for Season 2!

Jericho - The First Season is out on DVD now.

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