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Robert Maschio on Scrubs

Published October 22, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Scrubs Scrubs
The Todd is a kind of surreal character as it is. Popping up on Scrubs to deliver a sex joke and then disappear, he functions as a sort of apparition of crudeness. This year, Scrubs will produce an entire episode as a medieval fantasy, a bed time story told by Dr. Cox to his child. Todd will get even more outrageous here.

The Todd on Scrubs

"I heard something about him being a fairy queen of some sort," said actor Robert Maschio. "Then I just got a call from them saying I have to come in for a fitting for my medieval costume. So I don't know. I think they're going back and forth with me and I will find out in the next day or so. I think there's going to be some sort of fairy five or some sort of medieval five. Very much in character, a funny moment or two for me somehow fitting into that episode."

Fans of the Scrubs supporting characters may also like to know that there will be at least one more meeting of the Brain Trust with Janitor, The Todd and Doug. "We shot another one of those this year where we're kind of in cahoots on something. I like that stuff too because those are three really funny characters, Janitor, the lawyer and The Todd. Those are three funny characters when you put them together because it's really like they're having a conversation but it's really all like punchline, punchline, punchline."

Maschio has also made efforts to expand the mystique of The Todd in the real world. There is the Disney-run as well as his own personal encounters. "I could mention to you that I have my own website, You might want to look at that because I have videos of the show and pictures. I have a gallery of behind the scenes of each season. It's kind of like a history of the show a little bit. I can tell funny stories about the fan mail I get. I have a very specific audience, so this one wrote, 'I am stoned and you are a legend. Thanks for making law school bearable.' It was like five in the morning, it came from Portland, Oregon. I get free medical any time I'm in Peru. In the spring I'm going to the Surgical Society of Ireland and I'm going to be speaking at their commencement day. These are real surgeons. They want The Todd to speak at their ceremony."

They do get Scrubs in Peru, and real surgeons do look up to The Todd. "A grown man, a 40-year-old man came up to me and said, 'My wife said I'm just like you.' As I look over, she's like, 'He is.' And he was a surgeon of course. They love it. I think they love it. I feel like guys, if they could get away with saying anything and everything that comes into their mind, they would. We're not allowed to but this character on the show just says everything that every guy ever would ever want to say. I think that's why guys like it, and it's always about sex of course."

Fans of The Todd, beware of syndicated episodes of Scrubs. You'll want to collect the DVD sets of unedited episodes. "They cut those shows down a lot on Comedy Central. It's always my stuff too because a lot of times I come in at the end of the scene with a joke, and it doesn't propel or advance the storyline so they just cut it. It's tough to watch those shows on Comedy Central. They'll cut a minute or two off each episode which drives me crazy. They do it to every show. An extra minute or two must be a couple hundred thousand dollars. I guess that adds up. I won't take it personally."

Scrubs airs Thursday nights on NBC, with The Todd's approval. "I hope the season is good and satisfying and that you enjoy it. If it ends on a good note, I feel like it'll be a really good way to walk away from it."

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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