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Arden Myrin on Mad TV

Published October 9, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Arden Myrin Arden Myrin
Mad TV is still finishing up its move to the Music Box theater, so the cast is not back at work yet. But ensemble member Arden Myrin is already anticipating creating some new characters. She has her sights set on some current media figures in the news.

Arden Myrin on Going Mad

"I would like to do Posh Spice," said Myrin. "I think she's odd. I mean, I just think it's like this glamour alien landed in LA and I'm kind of obsessed with the whole Beckham thing. So that’s who I'd like to do. I would even just like to see her with Bobby Lee. Maybe Bobby was hired as her personal assistant going to the Grove. I'm not sure, or going to someplace very America lowbrow. Hang out at a strip mall somewhere with Bobby Lee. I'm not sure."

There are still many real life characters that have not been spoofed on Mad TV, so every actor is trying to claim them as their own "beat." " I know all of the girls want to play Nancy Grace. We've never done Nancy Grace but all of us, it's sort of fair game. If nobody's tagged it yet, each person can kind of go for it. There's a few, each of us have a few people that we've kept trying to get on that may not have gotten on. Like I really want to do Megan Mullaly, I really want to do Kelly Ripa. So I've sort of tagged those. So yeah, it's sort of a mad dash race when there's some really fun new pop culture thing. It's kind of a race to see who gets to do it."

The move will totally change the format of Mad TV. "We got rid of the stage so it's all going to be on location, out and about and then once a week, we're going to film at the Music Box theater in Hollywood, so it'll be more like improv-y. I think it'll be fun. I'm excited about that."

Whether the improvisation will take the form of Whose Line Is It Anyway? games or longer form sketches remains tob e seen. "I think they want to do some improv games. We actually do a show at Improv Olympic, it's me and Keegan and Jordan and Frank Caeti and one of the writers. All summer, we've been doing a show at Improv Olympic on Tuesday nights. They've just been really fun and we get really good crowds and we sort of do longform ones. We've seen that people really respond to that. I think on TV, you would have to do shorter game type things, or one scene at a time. They're just talking about doing it. I hope we do do it because I like doing that."

Of course, Mad TV is well known for its movie spoofs, but Myrin has to wait for the scripts to come in to find out which summer movies may be the latest targets. "I would imagine that they are. The writers start [September 24] so I don't know which ones they'll do yet but I would imagine there's a bunch coming up."

Mad TV airs Saturday nights on Fox.

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Fred Topel
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