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Kat Foster on 'Til Death

Published October 4, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
'Til Death Kat Foster in 'Til Death
Fox's sitcom 'Til Death is back for a second season. The long-married Starks and the newlywed Woodcocks continue to explore the comic mishaps in both stages of marriage. Kat Foster, who plays Steph Woodcock, previewed some of the improvements fans can expect this year.

Foster Talks 'Til Death

"I think we're just elaborating on everything that we found last season," said Foster. "The pilot episode, which is so different from episode 22 last season, I mean it's really night and day. We found so much, to the credit of our writers and our producers and us, the cast. We just really worked to find what worked about the show. Through trial and error and just sort of said, 'Okay, that's not the direction we want to go in' and that ends. So I feel like by the end of last season, we really found what our strengths were and what the best sort of fun moments were. We're just doing more and more of that."

One episode features Steph trying to teach Eddie Stark (Brad Garrett) how to play basketball. "For example, we found that scenes between me and Brad were always kind of funny because we come from different places. So we're doing a lot more of those this season. We found that it was just very funny to see Steph Woodcock who started out so prim and proper become a little bit more filthy and become a little bit more revealing of her sordid past. We're doing more of that this year."

With a year of work behind them, the 'Til Death team can better find the laughs for this season's new episodes. "Like in anything, we have another whole year to work together. I think with every episode, you just learn better how to work together, how to collaborate, where to pick up, how to pick up where the other leaves off. Just in every way, as we get closer as a cast, our characters find more stuff that's funny and that works and that's fun."

With the newlywed neighbors and bitter old couple, some felt a Married with Children vibe in 'Til Death. Foster says they have grown past that. "I think the only similar thing to Married with Children and our show is just that they had next door neighbors. So it was another show about the Bundys and then the next door neighbors, The Darcys. The Darcys were so just proper and nice and happy and sweet and hopeful and the Bundys of course were so cynical and upset with life and a little bit filthier and nontraditional. I think that definitely was the dynamic that we had starting out last season and we've stuck with that but we've added so many more layers to that which is thrilling and makes going to work a lot more fun and exciting."

'Til Death airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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