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Amy Pietz on Aliens in America

Published October 2, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of The CW.
Amy Pietz Amy Pietz
When you see Amy Pietz as the mom on Aliens in America, you'll buy into the sitcom-y, kind of oblivious tone of voice. When you speak with her in person, you'll realize what a committed actress she is because she does not sound anything like that. Her inspiration for the character was simple.

Amy Pietz Plays Mother to Aliens in America

"Yeah, I'm doing my mom," Pietz said.

Taking on the mom role, Pietz put the show's humor in perspective. Lest anyone think they are playing racism for laughs by sticking a Pakistani exchange student in middle America, Pietz explained how comedy works.

"We are trying to take a little ingredient of something and blow it out of proportion for fun so that you laugh."

Pietz has done some sitcoms before like Caroline in the City and Rodney. Aliens in America is shot single camera style like Scrubs and My Name is Earl. Pietz is changing her game likewise.

"Not in the rhythm but in the execution, the size of how you execute the comedy, although I'm pretty broad in this as well. I find that you internalize these high stakes instead of expressing them in a theatrical sense. I do need help from directors and executive producers who are kind of helping me pull that in and making it more of a performances suited to a single camera. It's a challenge for me."

Aliens in America airs on The CW.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of The CW.

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