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Tawny Cypress on K-Ville

Published September 25, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Tawny Cypress Tawny Cypress
K-Ville may seem like a male driven cop drama with Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser running around N’Orlaans busting perps. Fox’s new Monday night drama throws in some female empowerment in the form of Tawny Cypress. Fresh off of Heroes, Cypress plays Ginger LeBeau, nicknamed Love Tap, a tough cookie patrolling the streets.

Tawny Cypress Patrols K-Ville

“It’s all action,” said Cypress. “It’s all me in full SWAT uniform chasing down bad guys with a giant gun, throwing them on the ground and handcuffing them, and maybe rubbing their face in dirt.”

Even when she’s not throwing down, you can tell that Love Tap has attitude. That came naturally to Cypress. “It seemed obvious to me. Her name is Love Tap. That’s a pretty hard thing to get around. You don’t want to make her too girly after something like that. Beyond that, being around those guys all day really forms the character. Just that alone. These guys are real guys, they’re real boys. Especially when they get together, they’re like pack animals. The stuff that comes out of their mouth, you have to get a hard shell to deal with any of that.”

Love Tap will get her own storylines in future episodes of K-Ville, so it won’t just be the Anderson/Hauser show. “It is about the SWAT team. Yes, Anthony and Cole are featured but my character, Ginger, and my partner, Glue Boy, we get our own storylines so you’re definitely going to see us go off and solve some crimes on our own. Beyond that, I start to get into my love life, trying to find somebody bad enough to be with. You’re going to see my character’s relationship with her partner a lot more and it’s really a loving relationship where I have sort of the male role and he plays sort of the female role.”

We still miss her on Heroes, but at least she got to jump right back into another TV series. “I got lucky. They let me know far in advance so that I was able to get back on the horse. Tim Kring was nice enough to call me, gave me about a month and a half notice to let me know that it was coming up. I cried that day, I cried the day I read the script, I cried the day I shot it and it’s heartbreaking. It’s totally heartbreaking but I live a gypsy’s life. The actor’s life is a gypsy life so you’ve got to move on. Two bullets to the chest, that’ll do it.”

K-Ville airs Monday nights on FOX.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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