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Masi Oka on Heroes Season Two

Published September 21, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Masi Oka in Heroes Masi Oka is Hiro in Heroes
Heroes dropped a bomb of a teaser on audiences at the end of last season with Hiro showing up in feudal Japan. He'll be there for a while in season two. While everyone else starts four months later, Hiro is on his own.

Hiro Stuck with Past Heroes

"Two separate timelines," explained Masi Oka. "One timeline is going to start four months after the event happened and the other storyline with Hiro is 400 years in the past."

Back in time, Hiro will find love again. "The romance storyline's there. I didn't want Hiro to forget about Charlie but a broken heart still ticks, so it's kind of nice to see him find another love interest. The sword fighting, all that, being immersed in that feudal Japan world is fantastic, but I would also love to see him come back to the future and spend some time with his buddy Ando and also with all the other characters. I want him to get back with Nathan."

Feudal Japan will also involve more action. Oka hopes for more sword fighting. So far there's been a lot of horseback riding. "We haven't shot any sword fighting yet but I know we're going to continue to be doing that. Horseback riding's been fantastic. It hurts your butt when you're starting. It's interesting. When you're going really slow it's fine, but when you're galloping, when they trot, it's like oh my God."

With the subtitle Generation, the elder Nakamuras are still in play. "George Takei is coming back. In Feudal Japan there's going to be a lot of Japanese characters, so what does that mean? I don't know."

Returning for a second season, Oka puts the pressure out of his mind. "We're all more comfortable. We're just enjoying it. We love what we do. We know that we're passionate about what we do but there's not as much pressure I guess. Not as much because we had a great first season and we know fans love it so we're just going to continue what we do. I don't think there's really a pressure to measure up. We do what we do and we're just fortunate the audience is responding the way they have been. Hopefully they'll continue."

Heroes premieres this Monday, September 24th, on NBC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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