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Wentworth Miller on the Return of Prison Break

Published September 17, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Wentworth Miller Wentworth Miller
Prison Break returns to an all new prison. Last season had Michael (Wentworth Miller) captured in Panama and sent to a third world hell hole where none of his tattoos will help him break out. It's not a nice situation for Michael, but Miller is happy with his new surroundings.

Miller on Prison Break Season Three

"Fox River, if you remember, was very kind of blue and grey," said Miller. "Tonally, it felt like Chicago, it felt like winter. This is hot, a lot of browns, a lot of reds, the sun baking down. It's made for a very different tonal experience. It's fantastic. It's an amazing crew down in Dallas who really busted their humps to craft this very new prison which has a very different feel to Fox River where we originally started."

Michael doesn't have any friends in this prison. Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is still on the outside, but he's not completely insensitive to his brother's fate. "Well, obviously he's not at a tattoo parlor but he is scrambling to get his brother out of this dire situation of course."

After a year outside on the run, expect much of this year's Prison Break to occur within the new jail. "The feedback that we've gotten from the network so far is that the footage they've seen from what we've shot is so good, so compelling, so rich that they feel like this is kind of a return to form for us. It's a sort of classic Prison Break. I don't think we'll abandon that prematurely. I think we'll see the prison play a central part in the story for at least maybe the first half of the season."

Expect to see an all new Michael now that his years and years of planning are no longer useful. "Well, Michael has always been the man with the plan. Of course, he's always been the smarted guy in the room because of his preparation, because of his research. Now it's about improvisation. Now it's about thinking on his feet and reacting to whatever is thrown at him in the moment. It just raises the stakes for him and makes for a more, I think, tense story."

Prison Break will, of course, remain action packed. "Well, there are no correctional officers, there's no real authority so one could get shanked at any time. Makes Fox River look like Club Med."

Prison Break returns tonight at 8 on Fox.

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Fred Topel
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