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Kevin McKidd the Journeyman

Published September 17, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Journeyman Journeyman

Time travel has been the subject of many romantic self-reflection for us boys. I sure wish I'd been confident enough to make a move on the girl who invited me to her house to study in college. But if time travel really existed, could we act on these things?

Well, if we're single, yeah, no doubt. In Journeyman, a married man is torn between his family and his deceased fiancé whom he can revisit in the past. Rome star Kevin McKidd sees a similarity between Vorenus and his new time traveler.

Kevin McKidd on Journeyman

"In a way, that moral problem is a similar one that those two characters share," he said. "I think that's one of the reasons why I was attracted by the character is because Vorenus is very kind of honorable and tried to do everything, was very flawed. I'm always attracted to flawed people, flawed characters because I am flawed. I think it's the crux of this whole show, really, that moral problem that this guy has and his emotions about what's he going to choose. To have such a conflicting, kind of almost existential problem that is real interesting and it's really thought out grand for acting opportunities."

In that way, Journeyman is not a time travel show in that how time travel works is hardly important. "It's about the ideas that the time travel unlocks and the problems and all of that stuff, I think. It's not about the time travel itself. It's not about the machinations of how the time travel happens."

After experiencing the groundbreaking world of HBO television, McKidd was not going to come back for just any show. "The way I loved and responded to Journeyman when I read it is that it's not a generic, standard, straightforward TV show. You are not going to just go and get the same meal every Monday night or Sunday night when Rome was on. It changed, and the stories would change. One episode would be an event episode, and the next episode would have a different slant and a different balance and a different focus instead of it being generic and the three-act structure. TV doesn't work that way. Having gone from a show like Rome, which is so event-style TV that's very of its own, it would feel like a step back to me to kind of go into a cop drama or something much more box standard. I mean, not being disrespectful to any of those shows because they are all well-made and fantastic. But for me, Journeyman just felt very interesting and emotional and truthful, and yet it sparked the imagination for me as an actor."

It is still time travel though, and there will be some mysteries that unfold as the show goes on. "What I like as an actor personally is I like being kept in the dark. I found this in Rome that I like not really knowing too much in advance. We have been told that Livia is alive. She's not a ghost. She didn't die in the plane crash, that she used that opportunity to travel and escape that catastrophe, and that she, in some way, has been watching over Dan for quite some time."

Journeyman premieres September 24th on NBC.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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