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Anthony Anderson on K-Ville

Published September 13, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson
K-Ville brings cop drama to the city of New Orleans. Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser play two cops busting perps in the post-Katrina city. Anderson hopes just filming the show there will hopefully help rebuild the community.

Interview: Anthony Anderson on Policing K-Ville

"I believe we are but more importantly, personally, what we're doing individually and as a cast, we signed on with Habitat for Humanity," said Anderson. "We're out there on our days off rebuilding the community and rebuilding homes because this is our neighborhood. This is where we plan on living for the next six, seven, eight, nine years. That's what we're doing personally. I applaud Fox for putting a show like K-Ville on the air and having us shoot it in New Orleans, to bring back a sense of hope to the community, bring back jobs and revenue and help in that rebuilding process."

Seeing the aftermath on a daily basis takes its toll on the actor. "I never really spent any time in New Orleans pre-Katrina. My first time there was really during the pilot back in March. To arrive in the city, it was very disheartening to see the city in the state that it was. In Lower Ninth Ward, Jefferson Parish and places around like that, that are hard hit, where communities have been devastated and decimated. This is still two years later, so for it to be that way now, it was quite a shock and a surprise to me too, what we've allowed to happen on our watch, our government or whoever. But we're there lending a helping hand to do what little it is that we are doing, but we're doing something."

Relocating to the city has been a positive experience for Anderson. "We're living in New Orleans now. We've moved there. We have a pickup of 13 episodes. We're shooting through the end of November. We've already relocated there. When I say we all, the cast. My family stayed here in Los Angeles but we've been welcomed with open arms in the community in New Orleans and I'm happy and glad to be a part of it."

The people of New Orleans have shown Anderson the best of the human spirit. "The spirit of the people in New Orleans is unlike any other spirit in people that I've seen before. To go through what they've gone through hand still walk tall with the sense of pride and courage and humor, and to welcome us as strangers who are strangers to them, welcome us into their home as a family, that's how it's been."

Anderson will play a hard-edged character, not opposed to drinking on the job, because sometimes that's what it takes. "That's what my character does, yes. I've learned what goes on in New Orleans as a police officer and how they conduct their business, and how they go about their day to day activities with regards to keeping law and order in their city. May not work here in Los Angeles, may not work in Chicago, may not work in New York but it works for them in New Orleans. My character doesn't play by the book and we're not going to say it's a true depiction of what these officers go through, but that's what Martin Boulet does. He does whatever needs to be done to get the results that he needs and make this collar and make this city a better place for the law abiding citizens."

K-Ville premieres September 17 on Fox.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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