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Heroes- Season One on DVD

Published September 5, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Heroes Season One Heroes Season One
When I get a massive collection like Heroes, I don't really care about all the "making of…" stuff. I kind of know how they make stuff, and it's always the same. No, I want to see more of the show or movie I love, so it's first to the deleted scenes for me.

DVD Review: Heroes Season One

Heroes deleted scenes won't reveal any major subplots, because they got the meat on the show. But there are some nice little touches like Nathan sending friendly folk away from the impending explosion and Parkman trying to explain himself to Claire with outdated references. There is some exposition too, like Linderman finding out his sword was stolen and HRG on the phone.

Of course the 72 minute pilot has a lot of deleted material. It's a while before you see anything major, about 15 minutes when we meet the terrorist. Also, Parkman has messier hair in his pilot scenes. Heroes does so much well, they didn't need to try doing 24, but it is kind of like bizarro Heroes.

So it's more Heroes, just in time to tide us over until Season Two.

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Fred Topel
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