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Cast of Moonlight

Published September 4, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of CBS.
Alex O'Loughlin Moonlight Alex O'Loughlin: Star of Moonlight
The cast of CBS’s new vampire detective show Moonlight all came together towards the middle of the summer, as production began. Female lead Sophia Myles had barely settled into Hollywood when she began work.

The Cast of Moonlight

“I got a wonderful letter from the producers not long ago asking me to come and join them on this amazing adventure to make this series,” she said. “It was like finding a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. I couldn’t believe it. I’m just in a kind of haze of just even just the fact that Warner Bros, the studio, is my office now. I just keep pinching myself. I can’t get my head around it so I’m really looking forward to living here. It’s a huge deal for me. Especially like the thing is in England at the moment our government isn’t putting any money into the film. We don’t really have an industry in England anymore. American television, especially in the last few years, it’s on a par, if not better than a lot of movies that are out there at the moment. You have to, as an actor, travel where the work is so here I am.”

Jason Dohring was imported from producer Joel Silver’s other show, Veronica Mars. He replaces Rade Serbedzija as a 400-year-old vamp. “From what I know it’s obviously very much changed,” said Dohring. “It kind of sucks because it was another guy’s job but obviously it’s great. This cast is pretty unbelievable. I’m the youngster and I have to play 400-years-old so I have to have seniority over all these people that I really respect. That’s going to be my trick to be able to play that.”

Silver also pulled Shannyn Sossamon to play Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin)’s sire. “I don’t think she did it maliciously,” said Sossamon. “She was madly in love with him, maybe the most in love she’d been since she was human. I think she did it out of desperation because she didn’t want to lose him. So she turned him into a vampire in the ‘50s. He didn’t know she was a vampire and he’s pissed. Basically everyone’s just calling her the ex-wife from hell. The relationship then becomes like classic tumultuous, back and forth, heated, chemical, unhealthy dynamic. It’s a femme fatale sort of thing.”

Moonlight premieres September 28th on CBS.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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