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Wachowski Brothers Now Wachowskis?

Published August 31, 2007 in Gossip
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Wachowski Brothers Wachowski Brothers
Here is a bit of gossip news off the beaten path. Normally I don't pay that close attention to actors, directors or anybody else's personal lives, but a long time back I had heard of a report claiming that one of the Wachowski Brothers, Larry, was looking to be a girl and taking the necessary steps to do so. I never looked into the report and, yes, remained out of the loop.

I have now been alerted today that Larry's sex change procedure, which included more than just surgery and therapy, is now complete, and he is officially calling himself Lana. Wha wha what!

Larry Wachowski Now a She, Lana Wachowski

Though this decision by Larry is pretty extreme, I am now more worried about the existence of the Wachowski Brothers. It has been rumored that Larry sorry, Lana would depart from his, sorry again, her brother, Andrew.

There is hope, however, as Larry/Lana does plan to stick around for Speed Racer, where Rated-M claims she will keep in the background to avoid destroying the adaptation's image as a family film.

If anything, it would seem that 'The Wachowski Brothers' is no more, with 'The Wachowskis' stepping in.

Learn more on this story at Rated-M.

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Ryan Parsons
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