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Rob Zombie on Halloween

Published August 30, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Dimension.
Rob Zombie Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie was given cart blanche with his Halloween remake. The Weinsteins just wanted him to bring his vision to the franchise. Zombie threw the fans a few bones though. It's still Michael Myers, Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis, and a few other traditions.

Zombie's Halloween

"I could have changed every single thing and nobody else cared," said zombie. "There was nobody telling me what to do. I wanted to keep adult Michael's mask and his look. I thought that was sort of the iconic thing. To me that was the exciting part. If I was going to remake Frankenstein, I would want him to have a flat head and bolts in his neck because that to me is what Frankenstein is. Then I was trying to think as a fan, because I could have made it not Haddenfield, I didn't need to put Dr. Loomis in the movie or Laurie Strode but then I thought, 'Well, these are probably things people want to see done.' It would be kind of like remaking Willy Wonka without the Oompa Loompas. You kind of want to see them. So I tried to keep the things that I thought were fan iconic moments."

Some traditions are not limited to Halloween, but cover the entire horror genre. You can't kill the bad guy in one try. You know he's always going to come back for more. "This one was kind of funny because I didn't want to keep doing that. What I did want to do, what I thought would be funny is everybody was so sure that, like in the original, Dr. Loomis would shoot Michael and he'd be dead and then he would disappear. Even when I was sitting with the audience, you could tell they were like, 'Yeah, I knew that was going to happen.' So when he crashes through the window, the whole audience you could tell sat up and paid more attention. It was like 'Wait a minute, this isn't the way it's supposed to happen.' Here I kind of could play off the first film and people's expectations of what they thought was going to happen."

This Halloween has about 50 minutes of Michael Myers backstory before going back to the familiar stalking story. Today's audience may need to know why Michael Myers becomes a masked killer.

"Everything seems to be overexplained all the time now. I was kind of complaining about that in the sense that even with this movie, it's like I can't imagine anyone walking in not knowing anything about it because I feel like I've overexplained every tiny minute detail. The way I wanted it to come across was that Michael Myers in this movie is not a product of his environment. He has what I thought was kind of like a normal crappy life. I thought it would be kind of cliché if he had nice parents and a nice house like that. But he was born bad is the way that I always played it. There was no explanation for why he was like this. Every kid gets picked on in school. Nobody's life is perfect. In researching kids that kill other kids, which does happen, there was no explanation. It would be a normal kid."

Halloween does honor the series tradition of coming out not at Halloween but in the summer. "I have no problem with it. I guess it seems a little weird but to me, I wanted to get it out early enough. I'm always afraid that if you put it out too close to Halloween, will people not care come November 1st? It's kind of like Christmas movies are great until December 26th and then they're like, ugh."

Halloween opens to theatres on August 31st.

For the trailer, stills and more movie info, go to the Halloween Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Dimension.

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