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Lindsey Shaw Finds Aliens in America

Published August 29, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of The CW.
Lindsey Shaw Lindsey Shaw
Those kids grow up so fast. First they're the adorable little Nickelodean tyke and then they're flaunting their wares for all to see. Lindsey Shaw is the latest girl to grow up before our eyes. Moving from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide to The CW's Aliens in America, Shaw gets to be the babe.

Shaw on Aliens in America

"The transition was pretty intense," she said. "I mean, Moze isn't exactly a sexpot and Claire is obviously coming into that more, coming into her body, figuring all of that kind of stuff out. She's still really naïve about all of the attention she gets from it so that is the one major difference between them. Besides that, they seem kind of alike. Calire seems like she is pretty athletic and Moze is athletic and all of that kind of thing. They have a lot of similarities but that big difference is that they are just not on the same page with boys and that kind of thing."

Aliens in America explores the comedy that can arise when a midwestern family takes in an exchange student from Pakistan. Shaw could relate to such a culture clash.

"That is the reality because I'm from Wisconsin and my father is from Chippewa Falls which is a small town near the fictional Medora. I wanted to play this role so desperately because I felt this was my tribe. I grew up with, not everyone certainly, but a few people who did represent this type of bigotry that is maybe being felt here. I really wanted to express that small-mindedness."

Of course, there's no racism in big cities, right? "I think it's equally prevalent but in small town America you're more insulated and can hold onto that opinion more strongly for a lot longer because your influences from other cultures aren't as great."

Shaw herself had her own Aliens in America experience just going from small town to big city within the country. "I was completely blown away. In Nebraska, you have a two lane highway and that's what you get to everything on. The grocery store, school, church, whatever. I came out to California. I went to New York. I went to Dallas. You have mass transit. There are freeways and different ethnicities and everything was just a culture shock, moving from Nebraska. I was in such a sheltered spot and it really opened me up to new experiences, new people and everything."

Aliens in America premieres October 1 on The CW.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of The CW.

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