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Sonya Walger Says Tell Me You Love Me

Published August 29, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of WireImage.
Sonya Walger Sonya Walger
Many of the issues on Tell Me You Love Me are universal. Young relationships can be volatile. Old relationships can get boring. Some experiences are more specific, like pregnancy. Sonya Walger plays Carolyn, a woman desperate to get pregnant. Since Walger has never been a mother, she had to do research for the part.

Sonya Walger on Tell Me You Love Me

"I read a lot of books," she said. "I looked online a lot. There are a lot of websites. There are a lot of heartbreaking stories about women. I talked to friends of mine who tried very hard to have children and found out what it is that they actually do. There's the kind of cuckoo rituals that they have. I use the word cuckoo loosely but how far the obsession goes to taking your temperature, to what to do after sex to make sure that everything stays in the right place."

The British Walger decided to do an American accent for the show. This was not required, but it was Walger's creative choice. "I've already played a British wife on HBO. I did in Mind of a Married Man. I think there are a host of prejudices that Americans have about a Brit. It's just easier that they're all American and that we're not dealing with a cultural thing. We're not dealing with oh, she's a cold Brit. We're just dealing with they're Americans. It peels back one layer of prejudice about this woman who's already a tough cookie as it is."

So, for a different network, Carolyn would have been British. "No, I don't think so. It had less to do with the network and more to do with trying to keep her as warm and accessible as I could."

The show's intense drama deals with sexual issues that are rarely if ever addressed in media, as well as the day to day things. "I think it succeeds in being both very, very realistic and at the same time, it would be incredibly banal and boring to watch if all you were doing was watching people say, 'Pass the corn flakes. We've run out of milk. You need to cook, it's your turn to.' I think Cynthia's done this incredible job of welding the banalities of everyday life with the drama of everyday life, and how the drama is actually borne out of these little banal moments, seemingly banal moments."

Tell Me You Love Me premieres September 9 on HBO.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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