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Quinto Talks Star Trek XI

Published August 24, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Joe Quinto Photography.
Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto
While we are on the topic of Zachary Quinto, let me finally get something off my chest. I have been meaning to bring this up ever since the season finale of Heroes, but never found a chance. So, here goes:

After a stellar season, I couldn't help but be extremely disappointed with Hiro's final meeting with Sylar; played by Quinto. The paintings suggested the end of Sylar, and he should have died right there in order to open up a spot for another, new villain. Since Sylar is coming back for the second season, I can only hope that his character arc -- which has suggested the character isn't all bad -- really throws us for some loops. But that wasn't the most disappointing part.

Sylar is likely to be the most badass 'mutant' out there, but he lets Hiro slowly jog up to him like a kid and stab him. I mean, come on! It would have been so much better if Hiro, using his control of time, disappears and reappears right in front for the final stab. Sylar would have never seen it coming -- literally.

OK, now that that's off my chest, we have been alerted that Quinto has surfaced once again -- has has been doing that a lot lately -- to discuss both Star Trek XI and Heroes.

Quinto Talks Star Trek

The good people at ComingSoon have caught up with Zachary Quinto to discuss his preparation for the role of Spock and what exactly he had to do to earn the part.

CS/SHH!: Has he [Nimoy] given you any advice?
Quinto: He's given me some advice, sure. I think that's part of the dynamic of the relationship and the work that we do together. This is obviously an experience that's going to be life altering for me. He's already been through it and I think he has a perspective that I can learn a great deal from. I feel most grateful that he's willing to share that perspective with me.

CS/SHH!: Have you watched a lot of the shows or movies to get an idea of how to portray Spock?
Quinto: I have not, no. That's not really the way I'm going to come at it I think. So, I haven't been emerging myself in what's been created before. I think that the key to the success of this character is probably going to be reestablishing a perspective on this character with gratitude and respect for what's come before. Also in the sense of adventure and freedom and creating what we're creating now.

For the entire report, head on over to ComingSoon.

Star Trek opens to theaters on December 25th, 2008.

For more info on Star Trek, go here.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Joe Quinto Photography.

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