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Blades of Glory on DVD

Published August 24, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Blades of Glory Blades of Glory
I know that deleted scenes are cut for a reason, and it's rare to see anything really worth missing. I guess I still hold onto that childhood feeling that if something's cut, it's some great thing that's being hidden for me. So I still go to the deleted scenes first. Blades of Glory confirmed the reality.

DVD Review: Blades of Glory

The scenes are nothing special, even additional material with the special hair brush and a payoff of the stalker. It's just eh. Interesting to see maybe, but definitely not funny.

The Alternate Takes on the other hand are absolutely on part with the material in the film. These are improvisations that were all funny enough to be in the film. They just had to choose one.

There are many behind the scenes features too if you really care about the making of the movie. With Moviefone and MTV interviews, they really combined all the material these folks put out on the press rounds.

A spot on Hector the stalker is a mini documentary done completely in character. It's a solid bit of improv and production if you're into it. It's played like a sweet homage but it's really all messed up.

Blades of Glory comes to DVD on August 28.

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Fred Topel
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