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Kelsey Grammer Getting Back to You

Published August 23, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
Back to You Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer in Back to You
Kelsey Grammer will always be Frasier Crane to us. Even as the big blue beast in X-Men, it was like, “Cool, Frasier’s a superhero.” Now he’s back on TV, playing another broadcaster. He’s made the leap from radio to television playing an anchorman in Back to You.

Kelsey Grammer on Back to You

“I like to think that based upon my knowledge of most television newscasting now, it has nothing to do with the news anyway,” joked Grammer. “So I’m very happy to just be another performer pretending to be a performer.”

Back to You’s Chuck Darling has a different agenda than Frasier Crane too. “Frankly, Frasier was trying to be a psychiatrist that happened to be on the air. So it’s a little different there. Although Frasier was equally self-obsessed, he was trying to do the world some good. This fellow is trying to do himself some good and I think what makes him funny is that he has a kind of arrogance and a comfort in his own ego. It’s different.”

We remember Frasier because we loved him. Nobody disparages Grammer for sticking to a character. “In terms of being interested in playing another character, I’m an actor. That’s what we do. Frasier, I played him as long as I did only because he remained interesting to play. This guy has a whole new set of difficulties that are equally interesting.”

Creating the new character, Grammer avoided getting too pedantic about his career field. There were method-y sessions shadowing newsmen. “If I’m playing a historical figure, I might actually take some lessons from that actual person, but no. I mean, whatever I tend to be playing is created form kind of an amalgam of experience and imagination. I took this part not because he’s a news anchor but because he was a guy who was living through something that would take him to a different place than where he started. It’s a story. I’m good at storytelling. That’s what I do and that’s why I’m there.”

After success in movies, Grammer was happy to return to the familiar format of TV sitcom. “I’m thrilled to be back doing something I’m good at. I like this. I’ve also been thrilled to be a father and a husband. The last few years I’ve had a wonderful time. Life deals us different challenges. This is a new one. What would be wrong with doing three of the greatest television shows in history?”

He is also still an active producer with many shows on the air. “The company is still actively developing and I’ll probably direct some things. I got a couple of film scripts I’m thinking about directing now. When the time is free, we’ll probably devote some attention to that. Medium is still on the air. Girlfriends and The Game are still doing pretty well. We missed the cut on a couple of shows this year but I’m still very interested in pursuing that.”

Back to You premieres September 19 on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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