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Bionic Woman's Sister

Published August 22, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Bionic Woman Bionic Woman

The casting of Isaiah Washington on Bionic Woman has almost overshadowed another casting development. The role of Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan)’s sister will now be played by Lucy Hale.

Bionic Woman's Sister

“The character has been re-cast and has been re-conceived,” said producer Jason Smilovic. “To help us get more traction as we move into episodic, the character has a background in computer hacking. We've used the character to sort of open up this channel to the parents who were activists back in the day and who were very keen on saving the world, but as a result, sort of neglected their own children.”

The character was originally conceived as a deaf woman speaking sign language, but that will no longer be a trait. “Without going into too much detail, it's that Jaime was originally working in a lab. She was going to be assigned to these chimpanzees. The chimpanzees were going to Dr. Anthros [Chris Bowers], who was using them for experimentation. He would come down to get the chimpanzees and they sort of fell in love during that time. We were looking for an organic way for her to be talking to the chimpanzees in sign language.”

Wait, we could have had kick as chicks AND monkeys? Aw, man. “Of course, the chimpanzees disappeared. The lab disappeared, the sign language. The sister stayed, but now [her deafness] disappeared as well.”

Bionic Woman premieres September 26 on NBC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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