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Family Guy, Volume 5 on DVD

Published August 16, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Family Guy, Volume 5 Family Guy, Volume 5
Whatever you may think of Family Guy’s approach to random, standalone gags (I happen to love it), it definitely makes DVD collections of deleted scenes work. You don’t even need to know the context in which they were taken out. They just play like a real of one-shot jokes.

DVD Review: Family Guy, Volume 5

Volume 5 (which should comprise of season six by my calculations) includes Stewie’s take on Iwo Jima, a sitcom about rape which is both wrong and adorable, absurdity like No Consonant Day, Gatorade pee, Humphrey Bogart’s cancer, Quagmire questioning himself over his response to a dead hooker, Star Wars meets Delta Burke, roller skating pee, a punk Chris beating up Quagmire, an obscure Mr. Holland’s Opus reference, another rape joke that is a commentary on the Lifetime network, and pure celebrity insults. Those are my favorites, there’s more.

A featurette on Family Guy toys goes through practical and artistic issues of translating the 2D characters into 3D environments, including how to make them stand with misshapen heads. They also suggest some of the thought process that goes into choosing which random characters get action figures.

Also, for the artists out there, Peter Shin teaches us how to draw Peter. All of these plus the episode commentaries are great extras, but for my money, the deleted scene reels could be marketed as standalone comedy bits.

Family Guy, Volume 5 comes to DVD on September 18th.

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Fred Topel
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