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Rose Bryne on Damages

Published August 15, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of FX.
Damages Rose Bryne in Damages
Glenn Close gets to play the duplicitous character Patty Hewes in Damages. Sometimes she seems good, sometimes she seems bad. Her new hire, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), will have to navigate this personality. Byrne has her own challenges however, as her story exists in two different time periods.

Bryne Faces Flashbacks in Damages

"It is a challenge," said Byrne. "I have these sort of flashbacks/forward. They tell me little bits and pieces to help me figure out exactly what's happened and sort of what kind of state she's going to be in. Kind of operating a little bit in the gray areas, much more so with the flash forward stuff. It's challenging."

The flash forward has a bloodied Ellen keeping tight lipped with cops, but the flashbacks show how she came into Patty's world. "I think she's kind of idealistic when she goes into the job and I don't think she realizes exactly how much she's going to have to sacrifice from her own personal life and how challenged she's going to be and how much she's going to be changed. I think she probably thinks she can be the same person as she was at the beginning and it's really not the case at all because it's such a huge mammoth amount of job. Patty's such a mercurial kind of demanding boss, who she is kind of in awe of. It's much bigger than she thinks."

As hard a time as Ellen has with Patty, Close makes things easy for Byrne. "Glenn is a natural presence and commands respect obviously, but from her body of work and everything like that and being a young actress I've grown up admiring her always, so that's absolutely a natural thing that I would bring into the part. But she's always very sweet and an angel and lovely. It's definitely a dynamic and as a young actress seeing how she works and how she communicates with the directors and how she gets to where she gets to, it's very educational for me. And fun. We have fun."

Damages airs Tuesday nights on FX.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of FX.

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