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Nichelle Nichols to Beam Aboard Heroes

Published August 14, 2007 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Nichelle Nichols A younger Nichelle Nichols
When Captain Sulu, aka George Takie, joined the cast of Heroes the fanboys were thrilled. Since Takie's role of Hiro's father was a major success, it looks like Tim Kring is looking through the rest of the Star Trek callsheet to see who else he can bring on. But who's next? Shatner? No, no, give it another season.

Nichelle Nichols wouldn't hurt, however.

Nichelle Nichols Joins Heroes

TV Guide has confirmed that Nichelle Nichols will be making an appearance in the next season of Hereos.

Tim Kring's hailing frequency remains open to Star Trek crossovers. Having recruited George "Sulu" Takei to portray Hiro's father during Season 1, the Heroes creator has called upon Nichelle Nichols, aka USS Enterprise communications officer Lt. Uhura, to fill a short-term role.

It is being told that Nichols will play the New Orleans-based grandmother of Monica; a new hero set to be played by Dana Davis. Will the grandmother have some super powers of her own? Maybe not apparent at first, but I'm counting on it.

Keep the transporter room ready, as you never know who else from the beloved Star Trek franchise can be beamed aboard the NBC series.

Somewhere Lieutenant Worf is envious.

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Ryan Parsons
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