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Mary-Louise Parker on Weeds

Published August 13, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Shotime.
Matthew Modine Mary-Louise Parker
When Weeds returns to Showtime for a third season, it will find Nancy Botwin becoming more and more of a gangster. Perhaps they've played the suburban soccer mom card long enough and it's time for full on Scarface territory. Well, Mary Louise Parker says it's not quite so drastic.

Mary-Louise Parker on Selling Weeds

"I think she's someone who has had to function in that world in spite of who she is," she said. "I think she has an underlying sort of volcanic personality that's not maybe immediately evident when you see her. But I think because she's grieving, she's kind of stifled a lot and I think it comes out in little spurts. She has a little bit of violence to her and I don't know if I think she's tough necessarily. I think she's a little bit violent. I think she can actually be really passive and I think she was sort of buoyed here into this life. I think she makes decisions but she also kind of goes with where she is taken."

These uncharacteristic outburst have been a treat for the actress to play. "I like all those scenes actually. I like them a lot. I like them because to see her, it's so incongruous to see this woman that looks this particular way sort of functioning with the gangsters. I find it really interesting actually."

As the violence grows, so will the passion. Nancy's love life remains in flux this year. "Some going and some yet to be discovered. I don't think it's actually a love life because I think she doesn't necessarily lead with her heart generally. So there's a little wall there. I think it's mostly more like sex life really but she gets some over there. So I don't think I'm allowed to say who, am I? I sleep with many people and it's great."

The sexy brunette clearly classifies as a MILF, so it is great to hear about these developments. "I kind of still hold to that European sensibility that I think older women are really sexy. I don't think they are any sexier than younger. I think older women are beautiful. And actually for me it hasn't been the case of roles getting more difficult to find in my career. It actually got better about the age of 35. Things started to happen more smoothly for me. I got better parts so I'm happy being older."

Weeds airs on Shotime.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Shotime.

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