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South Park Season 10 DVD Review

Published August 10, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
South Park: The Complete Tenth Season South Park: The Complete Tenth Season
There are so many major issues dealt with in these episodes, the mini-commentaries explore all of the social forces at work. The recurring theme is that every time they do an episode, it makes news, so they have to do another one.

DVD Review: South Park- The Complete Tenth Season

The "Return of Chef" episode has a background more detailed than I knew. Their comments about Family Guy are fair and well reasoned. The fact that Mohammed remained the least talked about issue of the trio is fascinating.

It's really wonderful to hear these top satirists forced to analyze their craft. They would just riff otherwise, and their riffs are fantastic also, but when you are this brilliant, I want to hear what you really think.

Episodes like the Hybrid cars get the boys going on spontaneous social comedy riffs. The Stephen McTowelie episode has a long artistic history, and it's too bad they do not include the deleted eight minutes on the DVD. That would have been a given.

The two parter on religion and the Wii reveals very personal struggles within Trey and Matt. Pretty much all the iffy episodes are explained in full. It's all good stuff worth listening to, and they seem to go on a bit longer here than on previous season.

South Park: The Complete Tenth Season is out on DVD tomorrow, August 21st.

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Fred Topel
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