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Hiroyuki Sanada Talks Speed Racer

Published August 9, 2007 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Speed Racer Hiroyuki Sanada
Hiroyuki Sanada let loose a number of details on the Speed Racer movie, in which he plays a villainous businessman in charge of the racing circuit. The veteran actor found the Wachowski Brothers' new camera systems interesting.

Speed Racer's Brand New Sanada

"Now they're using new cameras for the first time in the world for feature films," Sanada said. "They're using a hard disk directly. No video, no film, shooting to hard disk. It's quite new, brand new camera. So very easy to do CGI."

Working on mostly green screen was not so weird for the veteran actor. "Oh yeah, I've done a lot of green screen and blue screen but for us, not so different between ordinary set. The crew or camera can't see background. We cannot see background always. Always watching camera or the crew so it's the same thing. Especially very similar to stage acting. Just like black horizon and we shoot by ourselves. So I think for the professional actors, not so different. For the new face or something, inexperienced actors, very hard to create the image."

Still in mid-shoot, Sanada only took a break to promote Rush Hour 3 before returning to Berlin. "They're still shooting. I will go back to Berlin the middle of August until the beginning of September maybe."

His role may not be as large but the experience was worth it. "Maybe smaller than Rush Hour 3 of course but I don't know, in the editing. Every time they create new history in the film industry, right? So I wanted to be a part of history. That's why I wanted to join them even if a small part."

At least he did not have to audition for the Wachowskis. "Just gave me the part. I met them, talked about the character, the whole film and then 'I want to work with you.' I decided immediately."

Within his small part, Sanada has gotten to work with star Emile Hirsch. "Oh, he's so nice guy. Smart and pure and charming. Very professional. His concentration is amazing. Basically a lot of green screen there so imagination is our lifeline. Then he's doing very well."
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Ryan Parsons
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