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Cruise to Cameo Star Trek?

Published August 7, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount.
Star Trek XI Poster Star Trek XI
It looks like JJ Abrams is going to be mixing some things up for Star Trek. We already know that Zachary 'Sylar' Quinto will be playing the young Spock, but who to play the smaller role of Captain Christopher Pike?

What? You don't find this role to be all that important? Well, then check out who might be stopping in to play the part.

Tom Cruise a Possible Pike for Star Trek XI

The good people at IGN have discovered that JJ Abrams is looking to Tom Cruise to appear as a cameo role in Star Trek. Cruise will play the role of Captain Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk's predecessor as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Mr. Spock's first commanding officer. Spock supposedly served with Pike for a decade and we encounter there relationship in the two-part series opener, "The Menagerie."

Now, I know that there are still a lot of you out there who think Cruise to be 'crazy' or just straight nuts -- but you have to admit that he would make a great addition as a smaller role. Cruise may have some exploited flaws, but they guy not only knows how to resurrect a studio (*cough* UA), but is a terrific actor. Just as long as they can keep him away from the Tonton-stuffed couches. Whoops, that's Star Wars, my bad.

Though Paramount and Cruise still have some bad blood between them, tensions has eased since the Cruise/Wagner departure and the part would be more of a favor to Abrams than the studio.

Kurtzman, Orci, Abrams, Quinto and Cruise on a single project? I like it!

Star Trek opens to theaters December 25th, 2008.

For more updates on the film, go to the Star Trek Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount.

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