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Some Have Seen Dragon Wars

Published August 6, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Freestyle Releasing.
Dragon Wars Poster Dragon Wars
If you have seen the trailer for Dragon Wars: D-War then you already know what to expect -- a goofy CG-filled epic that will likely entertain but not exactly impress. It turns out that the film has had some twenty minutes sliced off and early screenings have begun to commence again.

How does the shorter version look? Well, a lot like the trailer actually.

Screening Report: Dragon Wars

The good people at AICN have received a couple early screening reports for Dragon Wars and they don't come packed with any real surprises.

I really wanted this movie to be great as I love Korea but as with the great food critic ‘Ego’, I have to give a true report of what I saw. The best that I can say for D-War is that it was a brave effort, had a pretty nice looking GC battle between the two snakes at the end and most of the clunkers throughout the film will go right over the heads of most viewers under the age of 12. Seen as a children’s film it is a nice romp.

See, no surprises. Check out both screening reports for Dragon Wars at AICN.

Dragon Wars: D-War opens to theaters on September 14th.

For the trailer and additional movie info, go to the Dragon Wars: D-War Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Freestyle Releasing.

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