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More Warcraft Movie Details!

Published August 6, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of respective holders.
Warcraft Warcraft

Ever since I watched the CG-animated intro video to Warcraft II I have dreamt of the day that some studio would sack up and create either a CG or live-action adaptation. Everything is there, and the only game I know to have as large of fanbase as Warcraft is Halo.

Blizzard, who continues to make hand over fist in cash thanks to World of Warcraft, recently made a few new announces about the upcoming Warcraft movie at, you guessed it, Blizzcon.

Warcraft Movie

When you have nine million people addicted to your game, you pretty much have a guarantee that a film based on that game will fill theater seats for at least the opening week. Let's not kid ourselves, that's simple business. Blizzard could take a dump in a box, wrap in tinfoil, and sell it like hot cakes if 'Warcraft' was tagged anywhere on it.

After a decade with the games, Blizzard is finally making some progress with the adaptation -- or they are at least far enough in the development stage to talk about it. The good people at Kotaku recently reported in some new details on the Warcraft movie:

Sams, Metzen and Jashni made it a regular point to express their wishes to "not... create another video game movie" but to "create an epic." And while some fans may have taken pause at Jashni's reasoning that "we can't just make a movie for the 9 million World of Warcraft subscribers", it was clear that all four were passionate about bringing the mythology of Warcraft to the big screen as faithfully as possible.

For how intense those scenes will be, and what rating they're shooting for, Metzen said "It's hard for us to predict what happens. You want to not compromise and you want to have the intensity." Addressing concerns over a Nerfed fantasy war movie, he explained, "The story and the director's vision will ultimately decide that. We're definitely not going to make a G or a PG version of this. It's not PillowfightCraft."

The storyline is "principally told from the Alliance perspective." After revealing that detail, and waiting for the Horde aligned players to finish their booing, Metzen explained "While my heart lies with the Horde and Thrall's an interesting character, from a movie making standpoint, a blockbuster movie its a little rough to try and tell it from the perspective of this green looking dude."

Check out the entire report on Warcraft from Blizzcon by going to Kotaku.

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Ryan Parsons
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