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Ryan Falls for Renaissance on DVD

Published July 25, 2007 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Renaissance DVD Renaissance
Renaissance is something to watch. Falling under the category of films I wish were released to HD-DVD or Blu-ray, I had to stick to watching the DVD upconverted on my HDTV. How did it look? Thanks to the amazing contrast from the black and white images -- the poster to the right should give you a good idea -- the look of the film just pops off the screen.

DVD Review: Renaissance

Renaissance was one animated film I was hoping to catch in theaters. Though the medium is er, animated, the film takes advantage of its R rating by offering up some great action sequences, disturbing topics and a dash of nudity.

The film has tons there to impress any fan of film or the sci-fi genre. The first item that will stand out is the look of Renaissance. In short, it looks amazing. Over the course of the film's running I could not stop gawking at how the characters, cityscapes and action sequences looked. It was like somebody blended a drawing pen with live-action. Fortunately for us, we do get an idea of how they pulled off the animation thanks to a featurette that comes with the DVD.

Besides the 'Making of', the DVD is surprisingly limited on cool extras.

Renaissance is a rare film that successfully combines animation with an adult-rated story. If you were to combine Blade Runner, Sin City, Minority Report and The Scanner Darkly, you would land somewhere close to Renaissance. The story takes place in the future and combines upgraded technology with rundown cityscapes. The animators took advantage of the medium, however, by delivering a multitiered city that uses glass as a building block. Though it doesn't sound that cool, what until you see a gunfight inside a glass-cased forest.

Too cool.


Renaissance is out now on DVD.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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