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Exclusive: Kevin Connolly on Entourage

Published July 17, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of HBO.
Entourage: Kevin Connolly Entourage: Kevin Connolly
Eric, or E for short, has usually been the guy keeping Vincent Chase in check on Entourage. Lately this year, his decisions have been challenged. He prematurely sold Medellin and tried to usurp director Billy Walsh. Actor Kevin Connolly encourages viewers to refrain judgment on E.

Kevin "E" Connolly Talks Entourage

“How do you know I’ve been wrong?” he posited. “It seems like it but guess what, things aren’t always what they seem. It seems like I’m wrong but I’m not. I’m right. I am right. Stick around. It’s going to be interesting.”

The season’s storyline about E and Vince investing their own money has given Connolly some juicy material to play. “I think at some point we had to cross into that territory where everything is not perfect for the guys at all times.”

Last year, the show ended with Ari Gold getting fired. Don’t expect such a dramatic end this year. “Not a big cliffhanger but there’ll be some uneasy [feelings]. Not like that.”

Though there are no official plans for even a fifth season, Connolly is hoping Entourage sticks around forever. “I’m hoping to take it as long as I possibly can. I would do 50 years of this show. You gotta understand. We come to work every day in California, right down the block from where we all live, it’s sunny, we’re in a different location every day, great crew, pretty girls. As an actor, it’s the best job, and I don’t care what you’re doing, there is not a better job ever.”

There is no deal in place, but no Vegas bookie would take odds against HBO renewing the show. “We’re not even picked up officially for a season five yet. There is nothing. Season five does not exist yet at all. There’s not even like, ‘Hey, here’s what we’re thinking.’ It’s completely up in the air.”

Entourage airs Sunday nights on HBO.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of HBO.

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