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Factory Girl on DVD

Published July 17, 2007 in DVD News
By Bassam Tarazi | Image property of respective holders.
Factory Girl Factory Girl
Sienna Miller is hot and extremely talented.

That’s the good part. The rest? Well, it’s a jumbled mess not too different from a landfill. In Factory Girl, Miller stars as Edie Sedgwick whom 95% of you reading this have no idea who I am talking about. Just know this, she is absurdly good looking. Sedgwick was of course one of Andy Warhol’s most famous inspirations and she is used in a number of his works. She was the Paris Hilton of her day. Being famous for well…being famous.

DVD Review: Factory Girl

Miller seems like a perfect fit to play Sedgwick but you get the feeling that the script gave her character the maneuverability of a penguin stuck in a shoe box. She just couldn’t GO anywhere with it. Guy Pearce does a great job of depicting the sort of spun-out-of-orbit Andy Warhol but the story in itself seems to be more interested in the drug induced coma that was the 1960’s than it was at giving our characters much depth.

Hayden Christiansen plays Bob Dylan (well, he’s not called ‘Bob Dylan’ in the movie because Bob didn’t so much as take a liking to that idea in the legal sense. His name in the movie is Billy Quinn) and we do get to see a Sienna Miller sex scene so if you’re shallow enough to watch a movie for that reason, you have that to look forward to.

There are some interesting extras on the DVD including a look at the real life Edie Sedgwick which is almost as interesting as the film. Throw in Sienna’s audition tape and Guy Pearce’s video diary and you have yourself a pretty decent ‘Special Features’ to enjoy.

Factory Girl is out on DVD July 17th.

Stay tuned for updates.

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