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Rachel Taylor on Transformers

Published July 6, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Paramount.
Transformers Transformers

Women have always had to sort of fight their way into action movies. It's usually tough guys beating each other up and blowing things up. Women who could fight have gradually been making their way in their own vehicles, but now there's a place for braniacs too. Transformers features Rachel Taylor as a lovely computer hacker who alerts the military to the Decepticon technology. That's not to say it was easy for her to join the club.

Rachel Taylor on Transformers

"I think it’s certainly challenging," said Taylor. "It’s a sort of masculine environment, an action movie. But one thing I’m really proud of is the character that I play in the film is not a highly sexed version of a woman necessarily. She is cerebral and she is strong, and at the same time she’s also an outsider. I’m really proud of that. So that could potentially be a more interesting question to ask some of the more traditional female roles in either this movie or any of the other the women that Michael [Bay]’s worked with. I feel like I had a little bit of a protector around me because of the character I played."

Of course, she is the prettiest hacker you're likely to find. "I agree. I think it’s a little stretch but I still think I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman and I think she is too."

The Australian Taylor uses her natural speaking voice in the film, though presumably every character is American. "It was something that Michael really championed from the beginning. The role was originally written as an American and he just felt like why not use my original accent. And I think it was a really smart decision. It is an international film. I think it just sort of sits there and it’s an interesting sort of component to the character."

Being Australian, Transformers was not such a hot property in Taylor's childhood. "I’d never heard of Transformers, I’ll be honest. But I’m from Tasmania. I’m 22. I think I missed the kind of Transformers boat. Although I don’t think the film is Transformers fan exclusive anyway. I think if you’ve never heard of Transformers you can still enjoy it."

Having made a big American action movie, Taylor can now approach future projects with even more skills. "I think I feel like a much stronger performer than I did before I did this film. I don’t think I’m going to be necessarily shocked by a filmmaking process again. I think I’ve had my baptism of fire. I mean I literally came off the boat from Australia and this was the first audition I did. And Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg offers you a role in a film, you take it. You don’t ask questions. You take it. I think that was quite a way to start in Hollywood. I think I’ve got my game on now."

Transformers is out in theaters.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Paramount.

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