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Shia LaBeouf on Transformers

Published July 3, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Paramount.
Transformers Transformers

Shia Labeouf is an intense actor who's always had a clear vision for his career. He knows the difference between Transformers and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, but he gives them both props. Transformers may not be as emotional, but it still has some demands.

Shia LaBeouf on Working with Transformers

"I mean, it’s not Elephant Man," he said. "It’s tough. It’s a dance. Because we’re both in a scene together [with costar Megan Fox], we both have to respond to the movement together otherwise it seems fake. So just learning the movements, on which lines the movements happen, where’s the robot now, things like that you’ve got to think about. You wouldn’t normally think about it on a regular flick."

Perhaps it's better to have a trained actor handling the CGI robot acting than some flash in the pan "it" boy. "You read it and you’ve got to figure out your supreme objective. It’s just about figuring out objectives. Once you figure out objectives, you’re great. You’re good. It’s just figuring out objectives. All the other stuff is semantics."

One scene has Labeouf's character hiding the Autobots in his backyard. Of course they make a scene, but all of his comedy is pretty much added in post production. "You just play around. Some of it doesn’t work. Some of it you look ridiculous. Some of it works. It’s just play time. You’ve just got to be free about it. You’ve just to be able to put your balls on the chopping block and go, ‘All right, this is me. Let’s have fun.’ You’ve just got to be free."

It's not all about the action though. "All the stuff in the car with Megan is fun. You’re in close quarters all day long. Just saying. That was fun."

LaBeouf will still do his indie movies, but he's not a snob about his big action blockbuster. "I can’t say that Transformers didn’t have the same appeal for me. For me, Transformers is my science fiction. This is my Star Wars. This is what I grew up on. It means just as much to me. And plus, indie films aren’t necessarily more interesting or better films. They’re just made differently, the truth of it is. I’ll go back to it, but I can’t [say], ‘Hey, Steven, I like you and all. Your movies are great but I’m going to go make some indie flicks. Peace.’ That’s probably not going to happen."

Transformers is out in theaters.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Paramount.

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