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Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition) on DVD

Published July 2, 2007 in DVD News
By Chris Corpus | Image property of respective holders.
Summer School: Life's A Beach Edition Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition)
Summer School is an enjoyable film - funny and, at times, touching. It’s interesting to look at this film now, because most 80’s films are stuck in the 80’s, due to their general themes and somewhat racist token characters.

DVD Review: Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition)

Summer School, on the other hand, is a film that transcends the era it was made in. All you’d have to do is throw in a few wardrobe changes, some minor dialogue adjustments to account for fad slang, and you’d have a movie that could easily survive in today’s theaters.

This Life’s A Beach Edition DVD release includes some great extras. The commentary with Mark Harmon and director Carl Reiner is hilarious. They tell some great stories about filming in Huntington Beach and Venice Beach. It was interesting to listen to them breakdown the creation of several important scenes and what the actors did to make them so engaging.

The 2 documentaries included on this collector’s edition are very entertaining. “Inside the Teacher’s Lounge” is a revealing look at the making of the film and at Carl Reiner’s style of directing. It’s inspiring to watch such a master at work with so many young actors and how he pulled some wonderful moments out of them. “Summer School Yearbook” is just as interesting. The documentary goes in depth about all the characters and the actors all get an opportunity to tell their side of the story of the making of Summer School.

Another nice bonus, if you ask me, is seeing the gorgeous Courtney Thorne Smith as she is developing her acting chops. Too bad she’s stuck on a show with Jim Belushi.

This is a film that anyone can enjoy – love or hate the 80’s. This latest release, the Life’s A Beach Edition, makes it even sweeter. Pick it up, you’ll enjoy it - even if it is just for nostalgia’s sake.

Summer School (Life's a Beach Edition) is out on DVD now.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Chris Corpus
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